Why I don’t travel in the winter

I change my mind daily about going to MIX.

I WANT TO GO TO MIX. The registrations are dwindling and it will soon be sold out.

But I don’t want to deal with this:

SOUTH BURLINGTON — Today’s ice storm has caused numerous delays and cancellations this afternoon at Burlington International Airport, airport officials said.

Between about 3 and 5 p.m., there are expected to have been two delayed and two canceled arrivals, and another four or five delays and two canceled departures from the airport, said airport Facilities Manager Brian Searles.

“Right now, it’s really all about where flights are coming from,” said Searles. “We’re operational here.”

Searles said a continuing ice-build up could force the airport to close at some point this evening.

People should call the the airlines for more information on their flight, Searles said.

[source today’s burlington free press]

This article doesn’t even mention the winds that have been howling the past 6 hours. It’s not much fun to be in a plane that is landing in high winds on ice covered runways. Been there done that.

And then there’s always the fun at O’Hare. Last April we sat onthe runway for 2 hours when we landed at O’Hare, got on another plane and sat there for 3 hours before we took off. Bah!

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One thought on “Why I don’t travel in the winter

  1. Well, if you must insist on living in the far flung frozen wastes of the North, this is what you get 8)I’m flying via Chicago, so wish me luck.

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