Three great MSDN LINQ resources for VB developers

While there are many great LINQ resources for VB, I happened to read/watch/see these and wanted to be sure to point them out.

1) Lisa Feigenbaum’s LINQ Best Practices webcast. Lisa is on the VB team. This webcast is full of great insights and tips.

2) Timothy Ng’s Basic Instincts: Lambda Expressions article in the current (Sept 07) issue of MSDN Magazine. I’ve spent so much time trying to interpret lambda articles written in C#. Having one written specifically for VB devs is awesome and this article gently leads you into the complexities in a very easy to comprehend way.

3) 101 LINQ Samples for VB (yay!) was posted a few weeks ago. LINQ to Objects, to SQL, to XML and to DataSets. Don’t go looking for LINQ to Entities yet though.


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