Analysis Services at Vermont SQL Meeting Tonight!(9/27)

 Vermont SQL Server User Group

Next Meeting
Introduction to Analysis Services 2005
Our next user group meeting will be Wednesday, September 27 2006  –   6pm to 8pm at Competitive computing.
Session Description
Analyzing data requires different techniques to fit different scenarios. OLAP cubes provide structured hierarchical views of data to aid drill-down analysis, while Data Mining attempts to predict structural relationships within the data. This session will provide an overview of these modern analysis methods, with examples of the applications of both techniques. Highlights of the programmability interface such, as MDX will also be covered.
Tamer Farag joined Microsoft Egypt in August 2000 as a SQL Server Technical Specialist. He performed multiple SQL Server responsibilities in Egypt, including pre-sales, marketing, support, and training. He’s also been responsible for recruiting and supporting local SQL Server 2000 partners to develop large-scale solutions. In July 2002, he was promoted to a Senior TS position. Due to his focus on BI, he’s been identified as an expert in the Middle East region and has gotten involved in large BI projects outside of Egypt. Starting from October 2004 Tamer moved to Microsoft Canada to work as a Partner Technical Specialist focusing on SQL Server. Some of his proudest accomplishments include helping to grow SQL Server revenue by 300% in Egypt and delivering the general session in the Middle-east Developers’ Conference (MDC 2004).
Idera is sponsoring pizza and soda for the meeting, so PLEASE rsvp if you are planning to attend so we can order the right amount!   ([email protected]

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