Another local, independent bookstore forced to close

In December, Deer Leap Books in Bristol VT , a wonderful local independent bookstore, closed it’s doors. It wasn’t for lack of local support, but it still wasn’t enough to compete with Amazon, etc.

Today, I saw in the local paper that another fabulous indy bookstore, The Book Rack & Children’s Pages (this one in Essex, VT) is also closing. Very sad. I thought their formula was strong enough to keep them going. (Here’s the article.)

These are wonderful community places. The store’s owner is going to get involved with a recently formed organization called Local First Vermont, to help other Vermont businesses.

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One thought on “Another local, independent bookstore forced to close

  1. Man that really stinks. I *hate* seeing a local book store (esp ones with kid focus) going out of business. Sure Amazon is great for that obscure .Net 3.0 book we all want, but for the everyday commonplace stuff, for the love of god people, check your local book store.I can’t believe I may have to try to describe ‘what bookstores were like’ to my son when he’s a little older.Just plain sad…

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