Another mini photo journal – this time Lift Serve skiing at Mad River Glen in Vermont

After the long awaited beauiful dump of snow this weekend and then enjoying the great skiing in the woods, it was time to get some use from our weekday season pass at Mad River Glen yesterday. Another glorious blue sky day.

Most of these are from the chair lift as I was too busy skiing to take pictures.

Rich and I went in the afternoon and headed right to the single which would take us up to the tippy top.

This might be the oldest running chairlift in the country. It was christened in 1949 and is a landmark and a treasure of Vermont ski history. It’s the same chair I got stuck in for 2 1/2 hours a few winters ago, but they have done lots of great work on it since then.

We were excited to see some beautiful tracks in the snow below. Granted this photo is of a section of trail that was closed off so yes, it had some nice powder.

The higher you get the better the views are! You have to be willing to swivel around in that little chair though, to see them. First you start seeing awesome views of the Green Mountains behind you but then the White Mountains, further off in NH appear. The view is way better than this photo whenyou get to the top, but I had put my camera away by then.

I took this picture just for Chris Kinsman. The green blob is part of the chair. The rest is a big huge vertical rock with water ice on it. Notice all of the ski tracks going over it. This is why the slogan for Mad River is “ski it if you can”.

This is typical too at Mad River. And don’t think this is all powder. We were surprised to discover that all the new pow had been skiid off over the weekend and the whole place was just icey! We didn’t mind though. We hoped it meant awesome ticket sales for Mad River. They needed it after this dreadful season.

At the very top of the single, a great reward on a clear day – a view of the Adirondacks to the west.

This is something I have always wanted to take a picture of. The top of the chairlift is a winter wonderland after it snows.

A few more. Rich loves skiing in the trees and on this day that’s where all the snow was. I have had my magic moments of just going with the flow in the trees but mostly I just get too scared and just slide stop turn slide stop turn. Oh well. It’ somethng I need to do many times during the ski season to get my confidence back. But this was the first time I had been in the trees in over a year.

Here’s Rich taking off his boots before we headed home. The base lodge at Mad River is old-fashioned, very homey and loved by all.

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