dug nap, Vermont artist

One of my favorite local arists in Vermont is dug nap. Dug is very clever, very witty, very talented and sometimes very naughty. Luckily for me, he makes greeting cards of lots of his artwork so I can buy and share his art very easily. The best I can do for the rest of you is at least to point you to his website so you can cruise around. A new card that I saw yesterday for the first time has one of of his always right-on observations : “Women are from Paris, Men are from Jersey City”. That makes me laugh. Isn’t it true? We women like to think of ourselves as connoisseurs, bastions of good taste and sophistication. I feel like that sometimes. I want to watch foreign art films and Rich likes shoot’em up bang ’em up movies. I want to make some fancy schmancy recipe that takes weeks to find the ingredients and days to prepare the meal and Rich is happy with this.


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