Epic snow in Vermont – Finally!

We have gotten at least 18″ of snow since going to sleep last night and it is still snowing hard at 5:30 pm. Rich and I went to Mad River in the late morning. They say that by 4pm today they had 2 feet of new snow and are looking at 3-4 feet total when the storm is over! We were both exhausted after skiing in the deep powder (hey for us a foot of powder is DEEEEEEP). The roads are pretty bad now. But when the roads are the worst, the skiing is the best. Mad River is 7 miles from our house – long miles since it’s up and over the mountain. I’m sure we’ll sleep pretty well tonight.

Heck now that they have wireless, maybe I”ll just bring my laptop over there tomorrow. Ski work ski work ski. 🙂

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