Got Snow? Send it here! Pleeeeeeeeze

Hey! We moved to Vermont for a reason. We’ve got 4 lousy inches of snow right now. Already we are getting the same insult as last year. We moved here from the Hudson Valley where they are expecting 12-18 inches of snow (okay so it’s a blizzard) in the next few days. According to Sam Gentile, Boston’s buckling down to get hammered. We are VERY happy to have snow storms here. We just camp out at home for a few days and then strap on our skis or snowshoes. It makes us very happy. It is what we live for. But nooooo – everyone else who does NOT want the snow gets it. This is what happened last year. A gazillion snowstorms everywhere that is south of us. What is going on here? We WANT THE SNOW! 🙂

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