Mega User Group Meeting at TechEd!! Monday night June 12th.

New England Mega User Group Meeting
Developing with .NET in 2006 — What’s Hot and What’s Not

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Boston Convention Center/TechEd 2006, Boston, MA
6:30-9:30 p.m.
Room information will be posted here before the event

Panel and Mini-Cabana Discussions

Do you develop in the world of Microsoft .NET?
Would you like to know more about .NET technologies?

If you answered yes to either question, don’t miss this event. Join us for a free and wide-ranging discussion with a panel of nationally-recognized experts on Microsoft development technologies. Architects and developers from the Boston area and around the world will be in attendance at this Boston Mega User Group Meeting held in conjunction with TechEd Boston 2006.

Panel Discussion

.NET is Microsoft’s strategic software platform for building systems that connect information, people, systems, and devices. Each of the panelists will share their philosophy and favorite (or not-so-favorite) tools, tips and techniques for .NET success. The topic areas include:

  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Web Services
  • WinForms
  • SQL 2005
  • C# and VB
  • .NET Framework
  • MSIL
  • XML


    Bob Beauchemin
    Bob is a database-centric application practitioner and architect, instructor, course author, writer, and Director of Developer Skills for SQLskills. Over the past two years he’s been teaching his SQL Server 2005 course to 500 students worldwide through the Ascend program. He is lead author of the books “A First Look at SQL Server 2005 For Developers” and “SQL Server 2005 Developer’s Guide”, author of “Essential ADO.NET” and has written articles on SQL Server and other databases, database security, ADO.NET, and OLE DB for MSDN, SQL Server Magazine, and others.
    Sam Guckenheimer of Microsoft
    Sam, author of Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, has 25 years experience as architect, developer, tester, product manager, project manager and general manager in the software industry in the US and Europe.  In his current capacity as Group Product Planner for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, he acts as chief customer advocate, responsible for the end-to-end external design of the next releases of these products.
    Fritz Onion of PluralSight
    Fritz is a co-founder of Pluralsight, a premier Microsoft .NET training provider. He is the author of the highly acclaimed book Essential ASP.NET (Addison Wesley), and the upcoming Essential ASP.NET 2.0. He is a columnist for MSDN Magazine and a regular speaker at industry conferences including the PDC, VSLive!, and TechEd. You can read Fritz’s blog.
    Jeff Prosise of Wintellect
    Jeff is cofounder of Wintellect, a developer consulting and education firm that provides services to companies all over the world. His most recent book, Programming Microsoft .NET, was published by Microsoft Press in 2002, and his writings appear regularly in MSDN Magazine and other developer magazines. A reformed engineer who discovered after college that there’s more to life than computing loads on mounting brackets, Jeff is known to go out of his way to get wet in some of the world’s best dive spots and to spend way too much time building and flying R/C aircraft.
    Jay Roxe of Microsoft
    Jay Roxe is the Lead Product Manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft. In this role, Jay is responsible for product planning, technical evangelism, and external communication. Prior to this role, Jay was a developer and development lead on the .NET Framework where he had responsibility for the Base Class Libraries.


    Immediately following the panel discussion, we’ll break out into informal Mini-Cabana discussion sessions where attendees can ask the panelists and other nationally known experts questions.

    Experts Attending

    The final list of authors and experts will be determined between now and TechEd. We’ve got a great pool of talent to draw upon, so you can be sure the Mini-Cabana sessions will be an interesting, lively and informative discussion!

    Don’t miss this chance to meet some of the foremost experts in the field of Microsoft development technologies.  Register Now! for this valuable no-cost event.


    Moderator and Event Coordinator: Bob Goodearl of RGood Software
    Bob is an independent consultant with more than 28 years of experience in the industry as software architect, designer, and developer. He is also a contributor to BostonDotNet and a member of the board of ICCA-Boston.
    Event Director: Chris Pels of iDevTech
    Chris is President of INETA North America and the Boston .NET User Group as well as running his consulting firm iDevTech since 1986 which specializes in system and database architecture.

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