My lake’s bigger than your lake and historic, too!

When I was in Redmond last month, we were taken on a beautiful Lake Washington dinner cruise. Tonight, I am going on a Lake Champlain dinner cruise. It has been raining all summer but today just happens to be sunny beautiful and 80 (well that’s what it looks like from in here). Lake Champlain is the nation’s 6th largest lake! It is 120 miles long and 10 miles wide at it’s widest point. There is a bike route around the lake …. it is 363 miles. Lake Champlain is also one of the most historical lakes in the country. Many battles were fought here during the revolutionary war. Benedict Arnold was the captain of the historic fleet of 1776 and the Philadelphia , brought up from the lake bottom in 1935, now sits in the Smithosonian. The lake itslef is a treasure trove of sunken battle ships as well as other boats throughout history. If you’re curious, here is the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum which does some fascinating work.

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