No blizzard in Northern Vermont

I’m sure all of the big cities in the Northeast that are getting seriously dumped on today would gladly send their snow here if they could. And we would be happy to have it. Once again, the big dump has missed us completely. Countless ski resorts will suffer greatly this season which will also have a big negative impact on Vermont’s economy.

It’s not even snowing here. And this picture from Charles’ window in Manhattan just makes my wanna cry. It reminds me of a magical moonlit night out in Prospect Park (Brooklyn) after a huge snow storm nearly 15 years ago. I went out there with my dog and there were hundreds of people out there walking and even cross country skiing. Of course, normally, going to a NYC park at night is unheard of.

This is what many of us live for here in Vermont. But alas, there are only about 3 inches of snow in my front yard and no base underneath. It is so bad that we can’t even use our “rock skis” in the woods. Just a pair of regular hiking boots will suffice.

Well, good day to continue getting through my myriad commitments that keep me in front of the computer.

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