One of the pleasures of owning a small business in a small state

Last week I had to send in all of my paperwork for my business quarterly taxes. There’s the 941 to the Feds,  a tax & withholding to the State of Vermont Dept ofo Taxes and one other to the Vermont Dept of Employment and Training.

I inadvertantently switched the checks for the two Vermont agencies, sending the E&T check to the tax people and their check to E&T. I am a sole proprietor … these are not big checks.

I actually got a phone call from someone this morning telling me that she had the right form, but the wrong check and she was going to “pink it over” (office internal mail) to the tax department. A phone call! Can you imagine? So I called the other department which is more automated and won’t be able to get their hands on the check I sent them – it will just get processed, but they will send me a refund. So I called the first woman back who was so nice and told her I would just send her a new check. No forms, no notes no explanation. She said just put my employer i.d. on the check and she’ll know what to do with it.

I know people with larger companies have issues with doing business in this tiny state, but it suits me just fine!

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