Summertime in Vermont

Rich and I work way too much and sometimes forget why we moved to Vermont. But we had a perfect Vermont summer weekend this weekend.

On Saturday, the lake was calm and we kayaked a 4 mile stretch from a put-in near Button Bay State Park across to Westport NY where they were having a heritage day festival. The wind picked up after lunch and we had a fun paddle against the wind on the return trip.(Yes, that is fun. I’m not being facetious.)

Yesterday we went on a beautiful bike ride in Addison County – lots of rolling hills, beautiful old farmhouses, long stretches through flat farmland and then riding up along the lake.

We ate lots of sweet summertime corn, blueberries, raspberries from around our property, and tomatoes & basil out of our garden. We swam in an amazing local swimming hole and laid out on the lawn under an amazing blanket of stars to watch a bit of the Persied Meteor shower.

It doesn’t get much better than this!

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One thought on “Summertime in Vermont

  1. Stop it, you are killing us!Just joking.We used to live in Connecticut (Mystic) and now live near New Orleans.You remind us of all that is good about New England.

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