The most perfect snow for skiing today!

Rich and I had a great ski today. There were about 3 inches of fresh snow this morning and it was about 15 degrees, so  when we went out after lunch, the snow was dry and fluffy. The kind of snow where you can actually see the crystal shapes. On top of the base that we have been working on in trails in our woods, the new snow made for PERFECT ski conditions. I’m not exaggerating. For the entire time we were out, we couldn’t get over how optimal it was. And I was so happy to finally get out my real back country skis instead of my rock skis. They are light and they glide so beautifully. We went up through our woods and then crossed over to trails that lead up towards the Long Trail in the Green Mountains. Even the first few hours that we were basically climbing up hill were sweet. Then coming back down the trails was heavenly and just didn’t last long enough. Does it ever?

Having the cold weather makes a huge difference. Otherwise the snow is sticky and you have to really finagle with the wax. 

Perfect perfect perfect!

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