ReMIX Boston – October 8th & 9th

Another one of the “satellite” MIX07 events will take place in Boston in early October – REMIX07 Boston.

Brad Abrams will be doing the keynotes. I see Rocky Lhotka and Jeff Prosise doing talks too. The Eastern Region D.E.s who have organized this have also brought in some “local talent”. Luckily people like Fritz Onion (Maine) and Richard Hale Shaw (Boston) are part of our local talent! Additionally, they have allowed me a session on Astoria and I see fellow use group leaders Bill Wolff, Andy Beaulieu doing talks on WPF and Silverlight, respectively.

This is a two day event with 7 session slots and each session has 5 talks to choose from. Not quite as stressful as the number of talks to select from at MIX07 in Las Vegas, but enough to make you have to think pretty hard!

It’s only $299 for a registration fee. And it is also pretty easy to figure out how to attend for a lot less (or even free).

read more on Chris Bowen’s blog

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