Vermont InstallFest and Bob & Chris RoadShow was a big success

Although I wasn’t able to be in Vermont on Thursday for the Bob & Chris Roadshow or the VS2008 Installfest, I have gotten emails from Chris Bowen and others letting me know that it was a great success. Over 40 people showed up for the installfest, and I learned from Dave Burke’s blog that they also had TWO XB0X 360’s set up for folks to play with.

Larry Keyes blogged his extensive notes from the day.

Sorry to have missed it.

What I really enjoyed reading was Dave Burke’s epiphany about VS2008. The sessions from Bob & Chris really made things click for him and he’s ready to get in bed wiht VS2008. I was thinking about that becasue he said he’s seen LINQ 4 times before, but not until Thursday did he finally get to his AHA! moment with it. I believe this may have a lot to do with the fact that it’s finished, it’s deployed and in hand, rather than seeing very early bits (we’ve had 3 LINQ talks at VTdotNET in the last 1 1/2 years).

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