Visual Studio 2008 Pro Unit Testing at VTdotNET on Monday

Now that the Team System’s Unit Testing tools are built in to VS2008 Pro, many of us will finally get a chance to take a look at it.

Luckily I know some VSTS experts who aren’t too far away and we have Sarah Cameron coming down from Montreal to teach us all about how to use the built-in Unit Testing in VS2008 on Monday. We have a bunch of NUnit users in the group and they are also curious about how the Microsoft version stacks up. Interestingly this session is drawing out a lot of people who have never been to a VTdotNET meeting before! Go Sarah!

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Date: 02/11/08
Speaker: Sarah Cameron (InCycle Software )
Location: VT Tech, Williston Campus
Topic: Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2008
VS2008 Pro now includes the Unit Testing features that were previously only available in the VSTS sku. Sarah Cameron, a Visual Studio Team System expert from InCycle Software (, will demonstrate how to use and really benefit from Unit Testing in VS2008 using this built in tool..

Speaker Bio: Sarah Cameron is a consultant specializing in Visual Studio Team System, with experience on projects from inception to delivery following well-defined software processes. Sarah has been working as a consultant for Incycle Software ( a Montreal based firm specializing in Team System consulting services. She has been assisting ISVs and larger corporations successfully plan and deploy Visual Studio Team System. She may be contacted at [email protected]

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