yeah – I’m pouting. Whine whine whine…and whimper, too.

I’m coming up against one brick wall after another after another trying to run some of the wse2 samples so I can try to understand how some of these things work. I don’t know if I’m setting things up improperly or what. I wish I could get Don Smith to just come here to Vermont and sit with me for one whole day. I know I could figure everything out with someone to just point me in the right direction every time I go astray. But unfortunately these “astray-nesses” take me off track for hours and sometimes entire days.

So I’m pouting. Maybe just tired and time to call it quits. nah – that’s like giving up.

update for the kind souls who tried to comfort me after my very satfisying rant: I had two places to test this. The second is my tablet where I could use localhost, but I had mucked with the code a while ago and broke it and was not adept enough to figure out how to fix it. So John Bristowe was kind enough to email me a new sample directory (save those samples – you have to reinstall wse2 to get them again) and at least on that machine it’s all working again. But I learned a LOT as usual trying to track down the problem.

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