ADO.NET 2 and SQL Server 2005 Integration (and MARS too)

I am starting to realize that this tighter integration of ADO.NET and SQL Server means that I am going to have to get much more knowledgeable about SQL Server. I have been (to coin a great book title) a “reluctant DBA” for a long long time. But now that we can do things like BulkCopy in ADO.NET 2.0, something I have NEVER done in SQL and know nothing about, I am in danger of crossing lines that I don’t know even exist. I had a long talk about this with Gert Drapers while I was at DevConnections. Just with the Bulk Copy alone, I have to be mindful of record locking etc etc. I would never have known that and created problems by misusing the bulk copy class in ADO.NET 2.0.

Gert also told me something that made me happy happy happy. As I have been learning and teaching about ADO.NET 2.0, I find myself having to list (or point to) many caveats with MARS since it is on by default. I have wished it would be off by default and Gert tells me that by RTM it will be. That is a good thing. Here is a great MARS FAQ post by Angel Saenz-Badillos of the ADO.NET team.

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