new VBInk tablet developer website

(by way of Loren Heiny)

VBInk (with links, a blog and forums) – focuses on doing tabletpc development with VB. I’m not sure if I personally think it’s necessary to get so granular – since the concepts are all the same, but it does make it easier if you are more experienced in VB and want to focus on what you are learning in the Tablet SDK. I know that when I first did the Hands on Labs and they were in C# (now there are VB versions), I actually thought that the delegate I set up to create an event handler for one of the ink events was (gulp) part of the tablet API code! (I know better now ūüėČ – but that’s what happens when you pile learning curves one on top of another…)

A little digging around (why was this necessary?) points all of this back to Stein & Associates and there are real people’s names on that site: Dan and Kimberley. It would be nice if they were a little more transparent on the VBInk site so we know who it is that is actually doing this site. That’s the whole point of having community… so that we can have personal relationships with each other. (hint hint :-))

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