One thought on “Future ASP.NET MVC Framework

  1. Cool factor certainly, but for all but the simplest cases, probably not the best idea.MVC did come from the Smalltalk work in the late 70’s and early 80’s, but there’s two salient points to keep in mind.1)Adele Goldberg (leader of all things Smalltalk with Alan Kay) was originally slated to write a book on MVC programming to go along with the set of books from AW – such a book never came – first came the joke that it would be the black book, then came Adele’s forty some odd page paper ‘the black art of MVC programming’ then the news that the book would never appear -and in Smalltalk land we were discovering that the controller ended up turning into an incredible mess every time the app got to any degree of sophistication.2) The current incarnation of smalltalk that Alan Kay is more or less actively involved with ( supports MVC from a purely legacy point of view – the preferred interface is ‘Morphic’, which comes from Dave Ungar’s work on the Self language and is based on the concept that objects can wear costumes (at a 250K foot view)A paradigm getting more attention in the .net world, especially in the Composite Application Block (CAB) space is the MVP pattern, or model-view-presenter, which addresses some of the more glaring issues in MVC.In short, I’d strongly recommend anyone steer clear of MVC for anything but toy problems and learning -it’s got some well known and very serious defects, which google can show you easily -in the early ’80s it was great when the alternative was curses or a 3270, but today it does more harm than good

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