Upcoming DevConnections talks: Silverlight Annotation, Ink on the Web, Entity Framework and LINQ

The fall DevConnections is coming up in another 10 days (Nov 5-9) in Las vegas.

It looks like they will have about 5,000 attendees again, like last year which is amazing.

I will be doing a variety of talks.

One that i’m especially looking forward to will be teaming up with John Sudds from the Internet Explorer team to present on embedding Ink-Enabled Win Forms controls into ASP.NET 2.0 pages. This will be part of the Microsoft Day session for Mobile Connections. John brings a new level of expertise to the work I have done in this area and solved some problems I was never able to get around. John will be the demo god in this session and i get to do my favorite thing: Talk!

I will also be doing a talk about Annotating with Silverlight as part of the Mobile COnnections show. Don’t let this fool you. Annotating in Silverlight, while best on a tabletpc, also works  nicely on regular pcs and on Macs – anywhere that you can run Silverlight. If you haven’t seen the various test apps that I have deployed on the web, you can check them out here: the Step-by-Step series and the database persistence application.

In the ASPConnections show, I will be doing a session on ASP.NET DataBinding with LINQ which will explore many flavors of LINQ, not just LINQ to SQL.

And then there is the Data Access track in which I will be presenting and advanced talk on Entity Framework – Real World Entity Framework with a focus on multi-tier apps. John Papa will precede this talk with two intro type talks.

Lastly, I will be a presenting a post-conference 1/2 day (9am-12pm) workshop on guidance for accessing data in .NET 3.5. We now have ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL and three ways to query data in Entity Framework. There will be a number of entity framework and LINQ to SQL talks during the main conference, so this session is aimed at comparing and contrasting them and providing guidance on when it makes sense to use each one.

There’s still room to sign up! http://www.devconnections.com   

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