An updated logo

My pal Chris McCracken was fiddling around to get fix up of the non-rasterized (is that the right term) totally unprofessional little logo that I invented for The Data Farm when I overhauled my site last year.

Here is the old

       and the new 

I changed everything over but am thinking, even with its deficiencies, I kind of like the old one just cause it’s brighter etc. Opinions?

Chris works for one of my clients. He is a bright young guy (even though he does use a Mac) who has taken to webdesign and even picked up some asp to add to his bag of javascript tricks and put together some nice stuff. What’s been also interesting is because he is very interested in computers and programming, he has become a great point person at my client’s site for handling user issues, training people, adjusting their i.e. proxy settings, etc because he picks up on this stuff pretty quickly. We have had fun working on a bunch of projects together over the past year.

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