Blogging APIs and passwords

Here are two things that I noticed about the blogger and metaweblog api’s that were of interest that I have to look further into. First, the metaweblog passes up a combination of strings and structures. I want to experiment with passing structs to a webservice.  In both blogger and metaweblog, one of the strings that are passed up is a password. I have to dig further into how these are working on the client end and on the server end because there must be something else happening on the client end to encrypt or do something to the password before just sending it up as a string, right?

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2 thoughts on “Blogging APIs and passwords

  1. Hey…Did you ever figure this out?I was tempted to create another web app with SSL, but then having to FTP the images across doesn’t make sense.Custom encryption isn’t really an option as you are limited to whatever client you are using.Thanks for any tips.Eric

  2. Hi EricI’m sorry but I just can’t recall – that was 5 years ago. I would hope that the APIs might have changed by now. Back then I was writing a little blogging client so I was playing with those things then.

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