Blogging Evolution

I find it interesting to watch the larger scope of how blogging in our community is evolving. A few to note: Shelley Powers bags the blog roll (which made me realize that I still haven’t bothered “creating” mine on this site after almost a month), removal of comment options to many blogs (notable to me is Sam Gentile), a desire and new comfort level for people to expose more sides of themselves in their blogs (Sam again, is another example as am I in my move from the – though there are just so many examples coming on every day). Some more thoughts on this – without comments people are starting to have more conversations via their blogs (this is not new, just growing). I am unsure about this from a selfish perspective. Sometimes I’d much prefer to leave a comment rather than create a web post of my own in order to comment on something. But then this creates more links and Shelley says that links speak MUCH louder than a list (blogroll) that probably gets outdated pretty quickly. As I have gotten to know many bloggers in the past year, I love reading more about their personal lives. Even reading Don Box (though he’s not someone I really know personally) suddenly talking about his 3 kids and their favorite xmas present. When we see someone like Don in front of an audience of 8,000 doing his “thing” – who stops to think that this is a man with a life outside of Microsoft – a father with little kids? That to me is an important part of what community is about – not just getting access to technical information overload. Well, there seems to be another focus that has been interesting to me also which I see a lot of in Raymond Chen’s blog (on what a pain in the ass it is to try to keep everyone happy all of the time – orchestrating the dance that is Microsoft’s OS working with so many varieties of software) and have always loved about Laura Johns’ blog (often about how things tick at Microsoft). Anyway – just some random thoughts. Back to work…

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