Christopher Lydon: Open Source – Radio Show for bloggers, podcasters and other webby folks

I first heard about blogging listening to Chris Lydon a bunch of years ago. In fact, here is a link to the very show, from May of 2000! I was definitely fascinated by that show and actually signed up for a blog on that day (which I only ever put two posts in as I recall). It was a few years later that Scott Watermasysk asked me if I wanted to blog about INETA on his newish blog site (now to which I replied “ummm, nah, but thanks for asking”. A few months after that it was I who emailed Scott asking if it was too late to take him up on his offer but that I’d like to blog about other things in addition to INETA. No problem, says he…

So, anyway, Chris Lydon….yes. I heard a promo on VPR today (which I only really listen to in the car – that is when Rich isn’t in the car – which is not frequent these days. I can’t listen to people talking when I’m trying to work, so I don’t hear it at home) for a newish show that Chris Lydon is doing called Open Source and the promo said “blogs, podcasts, etc”! That definitely caught my ear.

Of course, I realize that I’ve just missed the show as it is 8:15! But it looks interesting:

Open Source is a lively, hour-long on-air conversation designed to capture “the sound of the Web,” with the popular Christopher Lydon engaging callers, e-mailers and bloggers from around the world in a range of fascinating topics. It is the first radio program to embrace bloggers, Web enthusiasts and the Internet transformation of media.

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