Julie’s New Weblog (Part 1)

I am moving my weblog to www.julialermaninc.com/blog. Though I do prefer [what to me is] the security of having my ramblings stored in a database, I have chosen to use DasBlog which allows me to cross-post and therefore continue to maintain my blog on weblogs.asp.net. There are things I would like to talk about that just don’t seem appropriate for the dotnet weblogs and I don’t want to add to the noise. So if you have any interest in Women in the Development community, my thoughts on blogging and social software, what great novels I am reading, my life, Vermont, or random news that catches my interest, then subscribe to the new blog. Otherwise you will still see my .net related posts (hmmm – what do I do about those VB6 posts? :-)) on the dotnetweblogs. I will always be grateful to Scott Watermasysk who so generously invited me to join before I really knew what was going on over there (here?) and impressed with the fantastic application he has built as well as creating an incredible community.

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One thought on “Julie’s New Weblog (Part 1)

  1. Sitting with the doctors in a room and talking with other doctors via video conferencing was very exciting for me when I first time sat for a meeting. I first felt like a movie going on until when one of the doctors asked me for my comments. It was really weird and exciting.

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