My New Weblog (Part II)

Well, if you found your way here then you read part I over there.

Thanks to Clemens and Omar and everyone for creating dasBlog and answering my dumb questions and also thanks to Bill, a support guy at Alentus (my web host) who went above and beyond the call of duty. I asked for someone to look at the admin requirements for dasBlog to see if they were doable (since I can’t totally admin my site) and Bill just went ahead and installed dasBlog for my on my website! Another thanks to Stephen – because knowing that he can bare to do this outside of a database (he’s a database kinda guy) then I can handle it.

I have a little housekeeping to do — links, categories, etc. For now it’s the dasblog defaults.

I was getting kind of embarrassed at my name being almost at the top of the list of the dotnetweblogs — just because I have a lot to say. After 5 days away from my computer I almost wanted to just stop altogether anyway. So this seems to be a good solution for me.

We’ll see.

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