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My DevLife blog that has been on the DevSource blog since June 2005, has been consolidated wtih the other Ziff-Davis blogs onto Movable Type. The old blog was on an OLD version of .Text and the comnent spam had gotten way out of control. I asked if they could just update to Community Server, but it made a lot more sense to move me onto the same blogging engine as all of the other ZD bloggers. MT is so different to use and I will miss all of the great formatting features that I’m used to having easy access to in .Text and in dasBlog which I use for THIS blog. Oh well.

But the spam situation was unbearable and it was impossible to keep up wtih attempting to delete 100 new spam comments a day. We had to turn off the comments which also meant hiding all of the valid comments, too, which was a bummer.

Anyway, here’s the new blog:

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