New MVPs in Poland

My i.m. pal Michal Chaniewski has just (finally) become an MVP. Michal is one of the most connected guys in the .NET community in Poland. I’m so happy to see him get recognized. I met Michal when I noticed in his blog that he was from Poland and learned that he had lived in the small city that part of my family (generations past) came from. The town was called Langhfur but the name was changed to something wtih lots of w’s, r’s, s’s and z’s and maybe a vowel thrown in for fun that I couldn’t pronounce for the life of me! Something like a great chocolate torte that is all eggs, sugar and chocolate with a teaspoon of flour added.

He also told me that Maja Ciemienga has become the first female MVP in Poland! Yay. Maja is the INETA lead for Poland. Here is Maja’s blog – if you can read Polish!

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