On my way to Orlando for DevConnections

Though it was 70 degrees on Friday, it is back to the 30’s here in Vermont so the warm weather is just one more thing I am looking forward to as I take off for Florida shortly (shortly as in I should be putting my bags in the car, not sitting in front of the computer.)

This will be my 4th time speaking at DevConnections. Paul Litwin teased me last year because I was sad that I was missing all of the awesome sessions – since I was spending most of my time preparing my sessions. The pre-con sessions are running today. Tomorrow (Monday) is Microsoft Day and I could very happily sit in sessions all day long. We’ll see how that goes. Tuesday and Wednesday are the “third party” speakers.

I just love DevConnections as a speaker and as an attendee (I was that at one time) and yes, it would be great if I could somehow make copies of myself so that I could be in many rooms at once attending every talk and at the same time focus on my own sessions so that I can do the best job presenting that I can.

Don’t Forget: www.acehaid.org

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