Rob Howard gives up on a leak and tells us his big news

Rob’s last day with Microsoft was yesterday. He finally blogged about it. Earlier this week he said that he had actually been hoping the secret would get leaked and was impressed at how seriously people take a request to keep things mum.

Rob will certainly be as available and visible as ever and having a huge impact on our industry and our community. His first non-Microsoft public gig will be at DevTeach in Montreal June 19 – 22. I’ll be a speaker there as well so am looking forward to spending more time with so many of my pals and meeting lots of new developers.

Watch this space for Rob’s new company, Telligent Systems. THere will be at least one familiar face on board there as well. It should be a good match. Rob lives in Texas, so if you think “texas“ and someone who has recently announced a job change, that should be enough for you to figure out who.

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