Testing 1,2,…

I took advantage of the 1/2 price (for first 500…) cert tests taht Pearson/Vue was offering at TechEd and finally took some tests. Other than the recent .NET Security beta that I took I have never taken cert tests in my 20 years of programming. I took the Windows Forms VB.NET and Web Applications VB.NET tests. The first was the windows forms and I took it totally cold and just barely passed. There were many things on there that I have never happened to do or use before. Also, I found that my deployment and debugging skills were my weakest. I can definitely attest the fact that I have not done a lot with tracing and event logging and it showed. I know quite a lot about them, but just don’t have hands on experience. MeasureUp was offering one free practice test there also, so I spent about an hour with that in prep for the web app test. There were definitely some new things for me which I got into my head before taking the real test. They weren’t on the real test! Once again, the deployment and tracing stuff was my weakest suit but I passed that test with no problems. I didn’t think I had and was surprised by my score!

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