DockerCon Live 2021: Docker for Super Beginners Community Room

DockerCon Live 2021 is coming up this Thursay, May 27. New this year, in addition to regular sessions, are a number of community rooms hosted by Docker Captains.
I will be co-hosting the Docker for Super Beginners Community Room with fellow Docker Captain, Rachid Zarouali.
In order to include links to speaker info and calendar links for each session, I’ve duplicated and enhanced the schedule displayed on the DockerCon website for this community room.
Note: The calendar links are working with my google calendar. I’ve heard others say it wasn’t working for theirs. If you know what I did wrong, please let me know!
We will continue to add beginner resources in this section. Feel free to share your favorites by leaving a comment!

11:00 AM  PST / 8pm CET 
Live Panel: Finding Your AHA! Moment with Docker  (Add to your calendar)
Panelists: Julie Lerman, Rachid Zarouali(, Elton Stoneman (

Docker can seem confusing at first. But there could be one single idea that helps you “get it”. Three Docker Captains will talk about their own AHA moments and those they’ve witnessed from others.

12:00 PM PST / 9pm CET
Supercharge your Docker learning with VS Code (Add to your calendar)
SpeakerGuy Barrette ( )

In this session, you will learn how to use the Docker extension for Visual Studio Code to supercharge your Docker learning experience.

1:00 PM PST / 10pm CET
Learning Docker for Smaller Feedback Loops (Add to your calendar)
Speaker: Sean Killeen (

A high level journey through one of my Docker “ah-ha” moments and using Docker for smaller feedback loops on my projects.

2:00 PM PST / 11pm CET
Live-code a Dockerfile (Add to your calendar)
Speaker: Rob Richardson (

In this session I’ll begin with an empty folder and a terminal, and live-code everything. I’ll then build and run the container. New to Docker? You’ll learn how here.

3:00 PM PST / 12am CET
Docker – send help, a beginner story (Add to your calendar)
Speaker: Chris Noring (

Do you feel like learning Docker seems like a daunting task? All your colleagues swear by it you don’t know why you should feel excited about it? What even is containers? If this feels like you, then this talk is for you. It will cover the basic concepts but also WHY Docker and containers and how it can help you.

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2 thoughts on “DockerCon Live 2021: Docker for Super Beginners Community Room

  1. If you are just getting started with Docker and Kubernetes, take a look at

    Portainer is deigned to radically simplify the use of these technolgies through a humanized interface that lets your “follow your nose” as you deploy and manage container-based applications. No need to know how to write YAML, just click to deploy anything.

    Supporting Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Azure ACI (and more to come), you can start on your laptop and move right into production, all with the same tool.

    Give it a try.

    1. Portainer is a very good recommendation to allow beginners better understand and work with Docker!
      It has one of the most slick and easy to use UIs for managing containers and it works with both Linux and Windows containers, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

      I would also recommend ctop (, which provides a quick overview of any local running container and you could set an alias in your PowerShell profile to quickly run it from your terminal.

      1 – Open a PowerShell terminal

      2- Start editing your PowerShell profile by running the command:
      edit $PROFILE

      3 – Inside the text editor, add the following PowerShell function which will run the latest Docker image of ctop:

      function RunCtopDockerContainerMonitoringTool {
      Write-Output ‘Starting ”ctop” Docker container …’

      & docker container run `
      –name ctop `
      –rm `
      –interactive `
      –tty `
      –volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock `

      Write-Output ‘The ”ctop” Docker container has been stopped’

      4 – Also define “ctop” alias inside the same editor:
      Set-Alias -Name ‘ctop’ -Force -Value RunCtopDockerContainerMonitoringTool

      5 – Save your changes

      6 – Run “ctop” from your PowerShell terminal and be amazed 🙂

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