Heading to DevConnections in Orlando

While it’s very hard to leave Vermont when we are having incredible weather (70 – 80 degree days with blue and sunny skies!) I am on my way to Orlando, FL for DevConnections.

Once again, there is a full track dedicated to Data Access. I’ll kick it off with a full day of Entity Framework tomorrow. Monday is Microsoft day and I’m thrilled that there will be talks by Mike Flasko from the Astoria team and from Danny Simmons and Colin Meek of the Entity Frameowrk team.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we’ll have two more full days with topics like from LINQ to SQL, Synch Services, ADO.NET Perfomance, Entity Framework, Data Sets and more. And top noch presenters like Dino Esposito, Don Keily, Kathleen Dollard, Cathi Gero and more!

Look for the Data Access track which is listed in both the Visual Studio and ASP Connections conferences.

I’ll also be doing a session on Astoria Web Mashups in the ASP Connections conference. I was bummed that the current Astoria bits don’t line up with Silverlight 2.0 so I can’t do that demo any more, but instead I have put together a cool little demo combining Astoria with Popfly. As far as I know, it’s the only implementation out there. The session is in one of the 60 minute slots so I’ll just have to talk fast, par usual.

If you’re at Connections, say hi!

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One thought on “Heading to DevConnections in Orlando

  1. I just finised day 0 (Sunday) at DevConnections and attended Julie’s full day tutorial on Entity Framework. I was concerned it would be a bit too high level because I have read alot of the docs. But, she drilled in very well and explained alot of the internals… So, it was great. It was also nice to have Brent there from Microsoft to answer some of the hard questions and give some insight into what’s in rev 1 and why and what’s not and why and that rev 1 is no way the end of it. That said, I just reviewed the schedules for tommorow (there is ALOT) and looks like I will be "doing" all four Data Access sessions on Monday.Hi Julie from the big, obnoxious guy in the front. Hope you feel better!BOb

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