Finally! United Red Carpet Club has free wi-fi!

Hip hip hooray.

My only trip so far in 2008 was on USAirways, so I hadn’t realized this until just now as I’m stuck in Dulles for 3 hours because  – oh shock! – my flight from Burlington was delayed and I missed my connection by minutes. As we landed, I saw my plane to Orlando sitting at the gate. I hoofed it down the hallway with my backpack on and my carryon in tow (not great fun in Teva’s), arrived breathless to learn that it had just left. Now why don’t they get the fact that I’m on a connecting flight – one of their own – and just pulling into my gate and just wait another 2 minutes?

Anyway, at least I had the nice surprise of the free wireless to go along with teh carrott sticks and packaged bites of cheese they have for us here in the lounge. Oh, how it makes me miss the Lufthansa and Ai Canada lounges with their real food and (even though I don’t take advantage) local beer on tap!


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