Live from DevConnections

I’ve been in Orlando at DevConnections for the past few days. I’ve been a little under the weather which has made it a little rough around the edges for me, but I’m surviving. While it was a bit of a challenge to present a full day workshop with a nasty chestcold, this was nothign compared to Kathleen Dollard who gave a Workflow workshop in the room next door with bronchitis. She knew she was sick but didn’t know how sick until I dragged her to a clinic that night and discovered she had a high temperature and bronchitis. Poor thing. She’s surviving and did talks today and has more tomorrow.

I met a young programmer named Scott Pio at the attendee party tonight who has been writing some great blog posts about being at DevConnections  on — the experience as well as the sessions he has attended. It’s so fun to meet young developers who are just so ready to burst with their excitement about technology. It’s his first conference and I think the first time he’s been somewhere where the term “geek” is actually a complement! Definitely check out his blog and especially his posts about DevConnections!

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