Switching gears from Africa to Las Vegas

As I leave for DevConnections in less than a week, it’s time to put my head into Las Vegas now, though it’s difficult to extract it from South Africa. DevConnections is going to be awesome. I already love this conference but with the addition of having a launch party, it will be that much more fun. Tuesday is all Microsoft sessions and then Wednesday and Thursday are the rest of us. I have two talks on Wed and two on Thursday – lots of different topics as usual!

Wed 8am: Customizing the Debugging Experience in Visual Studio 2005 with New Debugger Attributes
Wed 2pm: Leveraging SQL Server 2005 Query Notifications in ASP.NET 2.0 and ADO.NET 2.0

Thur 8am: Deciphering C# for VB Developers
Thur 2:45pm: A Look at WSE 3.0

Another event that will make this trip special for me is that my husband is coming out and we will be going to the desert for five days afterwards. I will be returning to the beautiful Zion National Park and then we may check out Bryce Canyon, the Hoover Dam and some other sites as well.

Don’t Forget: www.acehaid.org

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