Are you interested in the Jasper project (“Entity Framework on Rails”)

I stole the little EF on Rails quip from Roger Jennings who asked on his blog “what the heck happened to Jasper?” (my words, not his)

Here’s an overview article on Jasper that I wrote a few months ago.

Andy Conrad, who is a PM on that replied that it’s still around and they have an internal revision of the original prototype, but that they need to see more interest in it before really making an investment in it. (Again, my words, not his.)

Check out Roger’s post and Andy’s comment. It’s a shame that the best place to learn things like this is in the comments of 3rd party blogger posts, rather than directly in the team blogs, but iwth the rapid pace that everyone’s moving at these days trying to get Orcas out the door, trying to get Entity Framework and Astoria wrapped up, I’ll take what I can get!

So if you’re interested, let them know. A good place is comments on Andy’s blog or in the Jasper forums.

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