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Over a week ago, I accidentally left a car window partially open overnight. The next day there was lots of evidence of a mouse in the car – shredded kleenex, mouse poop and more. I looked everywhere for the mouse but could not find him (her?) and figured it was gone. I didn’t really go anywhere for about a week. On Friday night I rove to a neighbor’s house wondering if it was possibly still in the car and was going to jump on my head while I was driving, but it didn’t.

But on Sunday I looked in the car again and there was more shredded kleenex and poop. Rich and I spent an hour cleaning, vacuuming and inspecting every nook and cranny but found no mouse.

Rich decided there was only one way to get rid of the mouse if it was still hiding out in the car – a solution that I am not fond of at all, but let him take charge of the situation. So he put a mouse trip (oh boo hoo) with some peanut butter on the floor of the front seat. I’m more of a hava-heart trap kind of girl.

Poor little mousey.

This morning I unwillingly looked into the car when I took the dogs out. Seeing a tail and a butt was enough, I didn’t want to see his poor little head or neck under the business end of the trap. Rich is going to go out and deal with it.


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One thought on “Mobile Mouse

  1. That’s why I’m more likely to use the mouse poison, so it will go off somewhere else to die. But, that probably isn’t an option for you, since you have pets.My kids have found mice in the house to be a good opportunity to make some money. I pay $20 for mouse removal (dead or alive). We haven’t had that many, but it is nice to know that I can get rid of it quickly if one has the misfortune to die in a place where I can see him. Ick.

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