RIA Services in VS2010 Beta 2 and a Debug problem caused by Intellitrace

I had a problem that stopped me in my tracks for two days.

A RIA Services/Silverlight solution which I had created from the Silverlight Business App solution template, was crashing.


In VS2010 Beta 2, using the web development server, I was able to run the app by right clicking on the host web page and choosing View in Browser.

But any time I tried to run it by debugging (F5), I got the old somethingorother not loaded error. That’s the error the domain context on the client side throws when it tries to load data from the service but no data comes back.

After lots of digging, I concluded that in debug mode the client app was unable to find the service.

I won’t go through the two days of hairpulling, but in the end it turned out that the cause of my problem was a known issue with VS2010’s Intellitrace.

It may have been known, but it was not documented anywhere discoverable.

Wilco Bauwer (another great community person who I seem to have forgotten was sucked up by Microsoft at some point – I’m doing this a lot lately…can’t keep track ) was dragged into the thread by Jeff Handley (another silverlight guru at MS,  who had been valiant in trying to help me). Wilco suggested turning off Intellitrace and voila, two days of misery disappeared.

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2 thoughts on “RIA Services in VS2010 Beta 2 and a Debug problem caused by Intellitrace

  1. I wish I would have found this post earlier. I just found this myself when I tried to detatch the debugger to see if that was causing the issue. Turns out I couldn’t detatch because of Intellitrace. When I turned off IT, everything started to work again.

    Thanks for validating my experiement!



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