Installing Visual Studio 2010 RC from a Virtual DVD?

I got bit when installing the VS2010 RC and it cost me a few hours of aggravation. Here’s why.

I use Daemon Tools to mount ISOs to a virtual DVD. I have a Windows 7 machine and am using a new installation of Daemon. By default, Daemon’s auto-mount feature is turned off. I didn’t realize this.

During the installation, the installer needs to reboot. When it rebooted, it didn’t find the DVD and I scrambled to re-attach the ISO file while the installer was attempting to continue setup.

I thought I got it covered, but in the end I had the following error:


What a slap in the face. No Entity Framework tools out of everything in VS that could have been left out! LOL. Well, I do need those.

I tried repairing the installation two times but still the tools did not install.

I finally decided to just uninstall and reinstall but this time I would be smart and burn the darned DVD.

Wouldn’t you know, my brand new DVD writer wasn’t being recognized.

So as a last resort, I used WinRAR to unzipped the ISO file onto my hard drive and I was then able to install directly from the files.

The installation went perfectly. And because I had uninstalled VS2010 but not .NET 4, the reboot was unnecessary.

Since then I have heard from many people that they had no installation problems when using Virtual CloneDrive.

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8 thoughts on “Installing Visual Studio 2010 RC from a Virtual DVD?

  1. Yes, Virtual CloneDrive worked great for me.

    Daemon Tools do not seem to play well with Windows 7 x64, even the latest version.

  2. I must have lucked out–with Daemon Tools Lite I got an error after reboot, realized what happened, and re-mounted the ISO. After telling the setup program to retry the installation continued merrily on its way. Maybe things actually went right for once. 🙂 Thanks for the link to Virtual CloneDrive.

  3. Virtual CloneDrive Worked great for me too (Win7 x64), with "automount last image" checked. (Like Mark H, learned that lesson with B2).

    One thing I did run into was that the automounting was done during the login, and executed AFTER the VS setup resumed. But the VS Setup was "nice"/smart and gave me a "Cannot find E:\blabla" Retry/Cancel dialog.

    So I just gave Virtual CloneDrive a second to automount the ISO, clicked Retry and the setup resumed with no problems.

    SlySoft/Virtual CloneDrive FTW

  4. I had the same issues for both the beta and RC using poweriso.

    i burned to dvd from frustration and lack of options and it all worked smoothly.

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