So many data access options, so little time!

At DevConnections this fall, I’m going to do a post-con, 1/2 day workshop to provide some guidance over which Data Access options in .NET 3.5 are right for you now that we have MORE choices coming out.

Do you use classic ADO.NET? LINQ to SQL? Entity Framework? And if Entity Framework, do you use Entity SQL? LINQ to Entities? Entity Client?

More options should be liberating, but at first glance, it’s a little daunting, which is why I am doing this session.

While the main conference will have a special Data Access track, and plenty of opportunities to learn about Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL and more, I think that a wrap-up session will be really helpful.

Because it’s a post-con, it’s an additional fee on top of the main conference – but only $199.

Be sure to check it out!

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