What’s Coming Up in EFCore’s Near Future

EF Core 1.0.0 was released June 27 along with ASP.NET Core.

Even before that date, more goodies were added and fixes were made that were not able to get into that package. For example, we’ve got DbSet.Find back now in the nightly builds and a fix for a big performance problem [that affected a narrow set of use cases which is probably why it went undetected for so long] which related to the asynchronous eager loading (Include). It was fixed within a few days of the issue being created.

There is a patch (1.0.1) coming hopefully in early August. (From dotnet blog linked below: “There is no scheduled date for this patch update but early August is likely.” ) But that is only a patch to fix important bugs. (Maybe the async include performance fix will be in there but Rowan Miller explicitly said “Find” is in 1.1, not 1.0.1.)


1.1 is feature release and is planned for possibly Q4 2016. This is the one where we go from project.json back to csproj/msbuild.  From the mid-July dotnet blog post titled .NET Core Roadmap , below is the list of the important features that will come to EF Core at that time.

If you don’t see what you are looking for I have two suggestions:

  1. Look at the EF Core roadmap on its Github repository. You can find it at bit.ly/efcoreroadmap.
  2. Search the github repository. For example, here’s a search for those of you looking for TPT conversations

Entity Framework Core Minor Update (1.1?)
Q4 2016 / Q1 2017

  • Azure
    • Transient fault handling (resiliency)
  • Mapping
    • Custom type conversions
    • Complex types (value objects)
    • Entity entry APIs
  • Update pipeline
    • CUD stored procedures
    • Better batching (TVPs)
    • Ambient transactions
  • Query
    • Stability, performance.
  • Migrations
    • Seed data
    • Stability
  • Reverse engineer
    • Pluralization
    • VS item template (UX)


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5 thoughts on “What’s Coming Up in EFCore’s Near Future

  1. Thanks for the update Julie.

    Isn’t “Transient fault handling (resiliency)” reasonably critical for Azure deployments? Would you recommend we DON’T use EF Core at the moment if we’re targeting Azure as the host? (ie. stick with EF 6?) …or is there some workaround for EF Core to get us through until the 1.1 patch?

    1. There is some of this built in to .NET 4.6.1 so even without the nice feature we have in EF6, you might find that that is sufficient for your needs. If not, maybe that’s one reason to hang on to EF6 until EFCore has everything you need to be successful with EF. Here’s a thread in github that might provide more insight for you: https://github.com/aspnet/EntityFramework/issues/237

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