code generation starting to show up on my own radar

For some reason, I have not been that interested in code generation up until recently. I have looked only briefly at some of the tools out htere and not at all at others. I guess I saw them as an all or nothing situation – rather than leveraging code generation for bits and pieces of my development and then going back to my old control freak usual self for the rest. However, recently two things have been turning my head. One is constant exposure to it through Kathleen Dollard and the other was seeing an example of code generation that Jason Beres showed in our user group meeting on Monday. I watched him, with a button, create pieces of code that I am writing by hand – the way I would write them. It was a “v-8” moment. Can’t drop everything and play with it at the moment, but it will happen – hopefully before the next time I start coding up a class full of properties that are more than 50% matching the structure of a table in my database.

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