Debugging Ian

Since Ian Griffiths doesn’t have comments, I just wanted to make sure I got his attention with that title.

Do you know that VB.NET doesn’t have Data Breakpoints either? And that it won’t in Whidbey, either? (Hmmm that C# book I received today in the mail looks tempting…)

I’m sure many many programmers who came to .NET from VB6 spent hours trying to get it to work in VB.Net. This was the other lost debugging function that I refer to when I say there were two things that we lost when coming to VB.NET. Don’t ask Kathleen Dollard about Data BreakPoints. ANd if you must, be prepared to run….fast! (she misses them too!)

update  okay I was taking it personally, but it’s NOT a VB thing. … I tried every single language option in this drop down and every one gave me the message “[language choice] does not support data breakpoints“. (except when I selected Unknown) I wonder where you can use DataBreak points. As Paul Vick says in the comments…it just can’t be done in managed code because of garbage colletion. So this is just a big tease! 🙂

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