Toshiba Tablet and Acer Tablet

Well – now I have a Toshiba M200 and will soon ahve to give up my sweet little baby AcerC110. :'( I am actually fantasizing about asking my client if they want the Toshiba in exchange. But maybe I won’t. I definitely don’t have the same emotional draw to the Toshiba. Though it’s a way faster processor, longer battery life, larger screen and full size keyboard, it just doesn’t seem as – all I can think of is “tight” – as the Acer. I can’t describe it. It’s not because the Acer is more compact. The only think I can really gripe about is the touchpad. It stinks. It lags all of the time. I ahve asked around and others have the same problem. The model I got (M200) doesn’t come with a DVD player and the one I have for the Acer (which I was hoping to trade for the extra battery I bought) has a firewire connection. But alas, the Toshiba doesn’t have firewire (and no there is no such thing as a firewire to USB adapter – don’t think I haven’t spent 2+ hours googling for signs of one). It seems to start up 100% of the time in portrait mode, even when you are in keyboard mode.

But it’s much faster, much better battery life, bigger screen and only 1.1 lbs heavier. And it’s silver – ooh aah. I’m sure when I get used to it I’ll be cooing about it as well. I have to say though, in 20 or so years of computing, I have never talked about a computer the way I do about the Acer. What on earth *is* it about that tablet???

That’s all I can say about it at this point because I had to stop playing with it and do some other type of work.

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