Just Launched: TheServerSide.NET

Always the last to know! I got an email from a good friend of mine who is a Java programmer at BEA telling me about www.theserverside.net (“Your Enterprise .NET Community“) which was just launched this morning.

The Middleware Company today announced the launch of TheSeverSide.NET, Your Enterprise .NET Community. In his opening letter, TSS.NET Editor-In-Chief Ted Neward talks about his vision for TheServerSide.NET, his commitments to the community for the future, and why TheServerSide.NET is important to the .NET community as a whole.

Wow! Take a look at that. Ted Neward is the top dog editor. They’ve got video interviews with Don Box and Scott Guthrie. Looks like it is chock full of content – original content.

My java/BEA pal tells me that theserverside.com is “the” place for J2EE. So they’ve got lots of great experience already that will be leveraged for the .net version.

It looks awesome. Oh god, MORE GREAT STUFF TO READ! EEEEEEEEEEEEEK! (When’s a girl to find time to sleep?)

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