Kathleen Dollard’s Code Generation book gets rave review from Mr. Code Generation, himself

Jack Herrington, who, if you google his name comes up over and over as “the force behind code generation” (and author of this well received book on Code Generation) gave Kathleen’s new book Code Generation in Microsoft .NET (MSPress) a 5 star review! Way to go Kathleen. Another review by someone who seems to know what they are talking about is also 5 stars. Too bad some meany who for some reason missed the fact that all code is in VB AND C# and didn’t like the binding of the book posted his one star nasty review TWICE making Kathleens’ current average of two 5’s and two 1’s not good. Whether you are interested in codeGen or interested in getting a better understanding of how .NET works, definitely check out this book!

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