Generics benchmarking

Found this little C# app on iDesign’s download page to demonstrate perf gains with generics. (scroll down on page and look for Generics Performance.) These are demos from iDesign’s classes. I believe it’s the same demo that is in Juval Lowy’s C# Generics MSDN article.

From the iDesign downloads page:

When using value types in a generic type there is typically a 200 percent performance gain, and with reference types you can expect up to a 100 percent performance gain. This demo is a micro-benchmark application, which executes a stack in a tight loop. The application lets you experiment with value and reference types on an Object-based stack and a generic stack, as well as changing the number of loop iterations to see the effect generics have on performance.

I am finding it painful to try to help people understand generics in such a small amount of time. I have to keep reminding myself – it’s an introduction, an overview, a look, a hit list, a reference. But it is SO satisfying to help someone get to that “oh!” of real understanding and uncomfortable to knowingly leave them hanging.

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